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GoPubMed's Semantic Annotation now available as a web service

Dresden, 17 of January 2014

We are happy to announce a new service. GoPubMed's semantic annotation can now be applied to your own texts. The service is freely available for test at:


A very short movie (3 minutes) describes how it works. The service can also be used via an API and can be tailored for your needs.

It can be used for semantic ads as implemented in GoPubMed below each abstracts but on your own texts or web sites.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or if you are interested in purchasing the product.


Transinsight sponsors "Die Dölzschner",


three musicians from Dresden-Dölzschen, Germany. They came together to make music in 2011 and are on european tour.




We wish all our customers and partners a happy and successful new year!


News 2013

BioASQ 2013 Awards


Valencia, 27 of September 2013.

BioASQ, a project aiming to get closer to the vision of machines that can answer our questions, was initiated by a consortium of five leading institutions and one company: Université Joseph Fourier and Université Pierre et Marie Curie, both France; Athens University of Economics and Business Research Centre, and National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, both Greece; University of Leipzig and Transinsight GmbH, both Germany. The project aims to bring together the best of the best in automated semantic indexing and question answering in the biomedical domain. It started during October 2012 and is funded by the European Commission in a support action (FP7/2007-2013: Intelligent Information Management, Targeted Competition Framework; grant agreement n° 318652). BioASQ’s major goal is to foster the development and application of computer-based semantic intelligence technologies to help individuals and medical doctors get answers to medical questions faster and more precisely.

Transinsight is sponsor of the Graduation Ceremony of the Master Courses 2013 of the BIOTEC / CRTD.



Transinsight in the 10 finalists at the 2013 Semantic Technology & Business Conference in San Francisco, CA

From left to right: Dr. Michael R. Alvers, CEO, Dr. Liliana Barrio-Alvers, CFO and Mayor of Dresden Helma Orosz.

12:30 pm Monday, June 3rd

At the 2013 Semantic Technology & Business Conference, and WebMediaBrands will award one company out of ten finalists the prize as "Top Semantic Technology Start-Up." The ten were selected out of several hundred applications. On Monday, June 3rd, companies will have the opportunity to compete on stage at the Hilton San Francisco as they deliver their pitches before a panel of expert judges. The companies participating all have a demonstrable product in the SemTech and or SemWeb space. Transinsight shows GoPubMed, a semantic search engine for the life sciences, which is based on their Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Platform.



Dear GoPubMed user!


We are proud to announce a new version of We improved a lot:

  • Better semantic analysis
  • Better user interaction
  • Faster algorithms


We appreciate your feedback! Let us know your thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions. Also what you like is a valued feedback of course.


Thanks in advance and enjoy our free service. It will stay free.

We wish a happy new year to all our partners and customers!

News 2012

Searching for scientific information: Transinsight (Dresden, Germany)

Like the Human Brain

Lab Times Online 07/2012 by Kai Kraemer


Thanks to accumulating mountains of scientific data, researchers are increasingly missing the forest for the trees and becoming desperate when trying to find specific information. But there is hope for those who trawl through biomedical literature and databases.

The Article


Dresden NANOSAURS successfully competed in the BIOMOD competition at Harvard University

6th November 2012

It is our pleasure to announce that the Dresden NANOSAURS were extremely successful in the BIOMOD competition taking place at Harvard university the past weekend.

They won a gold award for their contribution. Beyond that they were the only team that made it to the podium in all evaluated categories. In particular they won 2nd place awards for the Best Project, the Best Presentation, the Best Wiki, and the Audience Choice Award. In addition they got 3rd place for the Best YouTube Video. They competed with about 20 groups from all over the world. This is a truly fantastic achievement. We very much congratulate the NANOSAURS for this success.


Transinsight is sponsor of NANOSAURS Project.


The press release


Statoil chooses IGMAS+ for interactive 3D gravity and magnetic modeling

Dresden, Germany, 8th May 2012

Today Transinsight announces a five year licensing agreement with Statoil for IGMAS+ (Interactive Geophysical Modeling Assistant), Transinsight’s software for interactive hybrid full tensor gravity (FTG) and magnetic modeling. IGMAS+ easily integrates constraining data into interactive modeling processes by visualizing and combining geodata with density/susceptibility models.




Semantic analysis and visualization software makes decisions on complex issues easy

Dresden, Germany, March 30th 2012

Dresden’s Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, Dirk Hilbert, will use Transinsight’s semantic software solution for the visualization of RSS feeds.

In rapidly growing markets such as those found in Saxony, Germany, the clear presentation of complex networked information is particularly important for decision makers. Solutions are not yet available worldwide, especially semantic analysis in conjunction with attractive visualization as used in EarthFeed™, a new software designed by Transinsight GmbH in Dresden. "We have decided to use the innovative solution product made by Transinsight. The semantic RSS news analyst visualizes the latest information in a very clever way, and it can help us make decisions on complex issues more quickly," says Dirk Hilbert.

We are constantly striving to enhance Dresden and Saxony by introducing new ideas and visions. So the decision to use one of the most innovative products on the market is an example of how to deal with the challenges Saxony and Dresden may face in the future. "We are delighted that the mayor has chosen our business solution. Using our semantic software solutions, more and more customers can gain a competitive advantage," said Dr. Michael R. Alvers, CEO of Transinsight GmbH. "The future belongs to intelligent software that can deal with the meaning of content and is not simply limited to keyword searches. Here in Saxony, we are at the forefront of technology and we are well equipped for the future," said Alvers. The software EarthFeed™ is now available in version 3.0.


Link to press release


We wish a happy new year to all our partners and customers!

News 2011

Oracle and Transinsight's GoPubMed

Our sincere condolence

Redwood Shores, California, Dresden, Deutschland, 18.August


OracleAfter pointing out IGMAS in the last month (see news July 2011), Oracle also points out GoPubMed, Transinsight's proven semantic search engine for the Life Sciences. GoPubMed offers semantic search for enterprises and companies as well as research institutes and universities. It is free to use!   See the article

Oracle appoints Transinsight's IGMAS as chosen project

Redwood Shores, California, Dresden, Germany, 20.July


javaThe world-leading enterprise for products of server frameworks and databases, Oracle honors Transinsight with an entry on the home page of The reason is the reputational success with the Java-based software IGMAS. IGMAS allows easy integration of constraining data into interactive modeling processes by means of visualizing and combining geodata with density/susceptibility models. With Oracle as a sustainable partner Transinsight will release new, innovative products and represent high standards in software development.



GeneCloud – semantic high performance cloud computing software for the Life Sciences

Hannover, Germany, 01. März


Heute gab das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi) die 12 Gewinner des Trusted Cloud Forschungsprogramm 2011 auf der CeBIT in Hannover bekannt. Trusted Cloud fördert die Entwicklung von sicheren Cloud-Computing-Services. Insgesamt 116 Vorschläge wurden zum 100 Mio.-Euro-Programm eingereicht. GeneCloud, ein Projekt von Transinsight, der TU Dresden, Antikörper Online und Qualitype wurde als eines der 12 Gewinner ausgewählt. Das Ziel von GeneCloud ist die Entwicklung von Cloud-Computing-Services für die Life Sciences. 

cebit2011 1 smallcebit2011 right

English German

We wish a happy new year to all our partners and customers!

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News 2010

Initiative "Junge IT-Unternehmen starten durch" auf dem Fünften Nationalen IT-Gipfel in Dresden

Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel besucht IT Gipfel in Dresden. Transinsight ist beim IT Gipfel mit vertreten. © BMWi/Jürgen Gebhard

Dresden, December, 2010


Die Initiative "Junge IT-Unternehmen starten durch" war gleich an zwei Tagen beim Fünften Nationalen IT-Gipfel in Dresden vertreten. Am 6. Dezember 2010, dem Vortag des IT-Gipfels trafen sich acht der zehn Mentoren und Mentees zu einem ersten Treffen in der TU-Dresden. Dort fand im Anschluss an das Mentoringtreffen das BITKOM-Unternehmergespräch "Vom Start-up zum Global Player" statt. Am 7. Dezember 2010 stellten 17 junge Unternehmen, die sich an der Umfrage und dem Unternehmergespräch beteiligt hatten, ihre Aktivitäten den Teilnehmern des IT-Gipfels vor. Auch Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel und der Ministerpräsident des Freistaates Sachsen, Stanislaw Tillich ließen sich von Bundeswirtschaftsminister Rainer Brüderle und BITKOM-Präsident Scheer die Initiative erläutern und beteiligten sich am Gruppenfoto der Initiative mit den Mentoren.


Series of Pictures

Pictures: © BMWi/Jürgen Gebhardt


Gesamtsieger 2010 in Forschung und Entwicklung

Prof. Dr. Biedenkopf, former Prime Minister of Saxony: Saxony is on a good way.

Germany, November, 2010



Transinsight ist Gesamtsieger in der Kategorie Forschung und Entwicklung in der Industrie Bestenliste 2010/ 2011.









Transinsight Launches New Version of Its Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Knowledge Suite at the 2010 I-SEMANTICS

Dresden, Germany, August 27, 2010



Transinsight, provider of semantic search technologies, releases the next version of its Enterprise Semantic Intelligence solution at the I-SEMANTICS in Graz, Austria.



Transinsight - Sponsoring

Dresden, 2010


Transinsight sponsors The ESB Cycling Tour for Charity 2010 - 17.000 € raised.



Transinsight and antibodies-online develop Software for semantic Gene and Protein Identification

Aachen/Dresden, Germany - 25 May 2010



Semantically fitting research antibodies will be automatically suggested within GoPubMed's search results for abstracts from biomedical publications.

English | German | Spanish


Transinsights Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Knowledge Suite nominated for German Design Prize 2011

Mr. Tagesthemen Tom Buhrow visits Dresden: ambitious city!

Dresden, Mai 18, 2010

Design Preis 2011

Transinsights Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Knowledge Suite is nominated for the German Design Prize in Communication Design, the highest German award in Design. The nomination by the Federal Ministry for Economy (BMWi) can already be seen as a great honor since only products already having a national or international prize can be nominated.
Only those products that have been nominated by Ministries of Industry or Senators in the individual German states, or by their highest competent (state) authorities, or by the German Design Council as commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Industry and Technology, can take part in the competition for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.



Transinsight's semantic technology-based search engine wins the German Industry Prize 2010

Dresden, April 19, 2010


Transinsight's GoPubMed wins the famous German Industry Prize 2010 in the category of research and development.

Prof. Dr. Gert Trommer, Jury-Mitglied states: "An innovative industry solution is beyond simple product or process optimization with trendsetting economical impact."

Transinsight is proud to be one of the winners of the prize.



Sächsischer Staatsminister für Wirtschaft Sven Morlok besucht Transinsight auf der CeBIT 2010

[Links nach Rechts] Dr. Michael R. Alvers, CEO Transinsight, Sven Morlok, Sächsischer Staatsminister für Wirtschaft

Hannover, March 4, 2010


Semantische Suchtechnologie aus Sachsen hilft Unternehmen deutlich effizienter zu arbeiten.


Saxony's prime minister Stanislaw Tillich visits Transinsight, provider of leading-edge Semantic Web Technologies

[left to right] Prof. Dr. Michael Schroeder, Prime Minister of Saxony Stanislaw Tillich, Dr. Michael R. Alvers

Dresden, January 25, 2010


Semantic search made in Dresden, Saxony helps scientists around the world save valuable time and guarantees completeness of search results.


We wish all our customers and partners a happy and successful new year!



News 2009

Transinsight's wins the 2009 red dot: best of the best award for excellence in communication design

Transinsight's GoPubMed applied for the RedDot Design Award

Dresden, Germany - August 2009


Transinsight's, the semantic search engine for the life sciences, has been recognized with the 2009 red dot: best of the best award in the category communication design - graphical user interfaces and interactive tool. A total of 6,112 submissions were received from 42 countries. The jury selected 470 entries for the "red dot design award." A group of only 56 submissions were selected as "the best of the best" and will be participating in the final round for the "grand prix award." The Transinsight team is proud to receive this prestigious award.

English | German | Spanish | French | Turkish | Chinese | Portuguese | Finnish | Italian | Japanese | Greek | Hungarian | Romanian | Russian | Polish | Catalan | Norwegian | Danish

reddot: best of the best 2009


Grid browser finds the meaning of life

May 20, 2009

Interview with Prof. Dr. Michael Schroeder by Cordis, ICT Results



Next Generation Science - Emerging Technologies, Tomorrow's Science - by Walter Jessen

Welcome to Dresden, Mr. President!

May 14, 2009


Transinsight's GoPubMed: Interview with Michael Alvers by Hope Leman


This post has been selected for Scientia Pro Publica.



GoOn gewinnt Theseus Mittelstand 2009

March 2009


Dr. Bernd Pfaffenbach, Staatssekretär im Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi), hat heute in Berlin die Gewinner des Technologiewettbewerbes "THESEUS MITTELSTAND" bekannt gegeben.

Das Theseus Projekt

Pressemitteilung des BMWi (in German)

English | German | Spanish


ZDF interview with Dr. Michael R. Alvers

March 2009


Experte: Suchmaschinen á la Google sind Auslaufmodell. Google ist nicht perfekt. Was bei Google und Co. verbessert werden kann, erklärt der Entwickler einer neuartigen Web 2.0-Suchmaschine, Michael R. Alvers. Für ihn ist klar: Der semantischen Suche gehört die Zukunft.

ZDF Interview (in German)


Internet Cool Tools for Physicians by David L. Rothman et al.

January 2009


Dr. Shock comments: This is an excellent book for physicians to read and learn about all the possibilities on the Internet... The most important PubMed tools from third parties are explained mostly those developed for medical purposes such as gopubmed.

Read more ...

The book


We wish all our customers and partners a happy and successful new year!



The Top 10 Health Search Engines of 2008 by Hope Leman

29 December 2008

Alternative Search Engines Logo

... It is the time of year for annual "the best..." lists, so here we go with The Top 10 Health Search Engines of 2008. This list is in order of preference of the author of this article. Drum roll, please...


At European Venture Summit Transinsight launches new version of GoPubMed, the semantic search engine for the life sciences, and wins as one of the top 5 European biotech start-ups

Dresden, Germany - 16 December 2008


Transinsight is proud to announce the launch of version 4.0. The new version has significantly improved features.

English | German | Spanish


Europe's most promising entrepreneurs network with international investors

Düsseldorf, Germany - December 2008

e-unlimited logo

"Transinsight was selected as one of Europe's most promising entrepreneurs in semantic search technologies to participate in European Venture Summit".

Transinsight was rated as one of the Top 5 presenters in Biotech: "All company presentations were assessed and scored and we are delighted to announce the top rated companies from each sector involved. We were all impressed by the quality of presentations and business models!"

Biotech Top 5:

  • PentaBase ApS (DK)
  • Cardiola AG (CH)
  • RESprotect GmbH (DE)
  • Transinsight (DE)
  • Integromics SL (ES)



Back to the roots am Standort "Silicon Saxony"

Deutschland, November 2008

Venture Thumbnail


Die Transinsight GmbH aus Dresden by Torsten Holler in VC Magazin.



"Avatars" de PubMed: comment repérer les tendances scientifiques et médicales?

September / October 2008

Article in NETSOURCES No 76 by Sophie Fréchède and Mathieu Claisse, PFIZER



Bio-IT Briefs

Cambridge, USA - Sept 5 2008

BioITWorld logo

ANIMAL ALTERNATIVES: BASF and Transinsight are working closely together.



Software Firms Tap Max Planck Lab to Aid in Development of Cell-Imaging Tools

bio1NF0RM - July 18, 2008 By Vivien Marx

bio1NF0RM logo

Given the research trend toward translational medicine, two German image analysis software companies, Definiens and Transinsight, are seeking proximity to academic labs and publicly funded research ventures to expand their product capabilities and their potential circle of users. In particular, biochemist Marino Zerial, director at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, is currently working with both firms on different cell analysis software projects: Transinsight recently began marketing a software package based on technology developed in Zerial's lab, while Definiens is collaborating with him in a systems biology research consortium called EndoSys.



Abcam and Transinsight agree on collaboration in the area of semantic search technologies for finding antibodies

Cambridge, UK / Dresden, Germany - 13th August 2008

abcam logo

Abcam, a bioscience company specialising in the supply of antibodies from a web-based catalogue, and Transinsight, a specialist in semantic search technologies, are pleased to announce a collaboration in the field of protein information quality control using bioinformatics workflows.

English | German | Spanish

BASF and Transinsight agree to collaborate in exploring alternatives to animal testing

Ludwigshafen / Dresden, Germany, July 11th, 2008

BASF logo

BASF SE and Transinsight GmbH, a provider of semantic search technologies for Web 2.0, have agreed to establish close cooperation in the area of semantic analyses to search for alternatives to animal testing. Together with the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung BfR), both companies will expand the first specialized semantic search engine for this research area called to become a global internet platform. In the future, experts from all over the world will be able to use this platform to bring together their knowledge on alternative and supplementary methods to animal testing.

English | German | Spanish


Latest internet technology for the replacement of animal experiments

Berlin / Dresden, Germany, April 2008

go3R logo

Developed in close cooperation between Transinsight, Dresden, and the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Berlin, the knowledge-based semantic search engine is now available online. It enables information transparency for the prevention of animal testing.

English | German | Spanish


Bio-IT Briefs

Cambridge, USA - March 1, 2008

BioITWorld logo

INTRA AND INTERNET SEARCH: Transinsight is continuing its collaboration with consumer products company Unilever.



Unilever extends collaboration with Transinsight in the field of semantic searching

Bedford, United Kingdom / Dresden, Germany, February, 2008

Unilever Logo

Unilever, one of the world's largest consumer products companies, will continue working with Transinsight towards a tailored solution from GoPubMed that meets Unilever Research's diverse scientific data mining requirements.

English | German | Spanish


Alternative Search Engines

United States of America, January 19th 2008

Alternative Search Engines

"CEO Spotlight on Dr. Michael R. Alvers, co-founder of Transinsight - GoPubMed"


Alternative Search Engines

United States of America, January 19th 2008

Alternative Search Engines

"Can searching be hazardous to your health?"

Michael R. Alvers' comment ...


Bio-IT Briefs

Cambridge, USA - December 2007


BioIT World Biomedical research happens in networks of researchers...

show article


Folksonomy 4 Science - Transinsight launches new social web platform for GoPubMed

Dresden, Germany - December 2007


Transinsight's GoPubMed now allows users to identify experts in the biomedical field and gain important information on recent research topics by viewing their networks.

English | German | Spanish | French | Turkish | Chinese | Portuguese | Czech | Finnish | Italian | Japanese | Greek | Hungarian | Dutch | Romanian | Russian | Swedish | Polish | Catalan | Hindi | Urdu | Arabic


GoMünster with Transinsight's GoPubMed

Münster, Germany - November 2007

The magazine "med", published by Universitäts und Landesbibliothek Münster, published an article about GoPubMed in the 3rd volume of 2007. In their example a search narrowed down to Münster is used to show the features of GoPubMed.

med website


Transinsight GmbH excels at futureSAX

Dresden, Germany - October 2007


The jury of the futuresax event "Durchstarten mit Risikokapital" (lift off with venture capital) honours the transinsight team as winner due to the most promising commercial and investment concept and the best presentation.

press release | press release | press release | futuresax certificate


WWW goes WWWW: Searching is now sorted! The Web 2.0 for real.

Dresden, Germany - October 2007

New release of Transinsight's well-known life-science search engine This, the first semantic search engine, reduces search time by up to 90%. By sorting search results it enables scientists to answer biomedical questions in completely new way. ...

press release | press release | press release


Genen auf der Spur

Dresden, Germany - September 2007


Dresdner Nachrichten

Dresdner Nachrichten 26/2007 Genen auf der Spur - Gentechnik ist eines der großen Zukunftsthemen ...

show newspaper scan


GO3R Launch

Berlin, Germany - Semptember 2007

go3R logo

Launching the research project GO3R to develop a knowledge-based search engine for alternative methods to animal experiments. Starting in August 2007 the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment is funding Transinsight GmbH's research project GO3R...

press release | press release | press release


Alternative Search Engines

United States of America- June 2007

Alternative Search Engines Logo

"The most wonderful search engines you've never (?) seen." - Transinsight's GoPubMed one of the runner-up search engines for both doctors and patients ...



United States of America - May 2007

BIO Convention

Meet us in Boston at the Bio2007. German Pavilion booth #676


Success at BioCreAtIvE

Madrid, Spain - April 2007


Dresden bioinformatics group wins international competition in Madrid at the BioCreAtIvE

press release | press release | press release | press release


Top Systems at BioCreAtIvE II

Madrid, Spain - December 2007

BioITWorld Logo

The best performances in the gene normalization task all came from Germany ...

read the full article


Labor Journal

Freiburg, Germany - April 2007

Laborjournal Logo

Intelligenz fürs Mikroskop ...

read journal article


Technology Review

Hannover, Germany - April 2007

Technology Review Logo

Intelligenz fürs Mikroskop ...

show article scan


Semantic Web School

Vienna, Austria - March 2007

SemanticWeb Logo

Interview Michael R. Alvers: "We believe that creating an ontology is a wise investment"

read the full interview | interesting fact


Informationsdienst Wissenschaft

Dresden, Germany - February 2007

Bessere Internetsuche nun auch für Mediziner - Erste wissensbasierte Suchmaschine für medizinische Wissenschaft entwickelt ...

press release | press release | press release | press release | press release | press release



Eureka Alert

Dresden, Germany - December 2006

Intelligent software solutions to better understand biological processes

read the full article | press release | press release | press release


A comment from Ora Lassila

Wien, Austria - November 2006

Ora Lassila on talks about the Semantics 2006 and mentions Transinsight's GoPubmed.

read the blog entry


Leipziger Transferbriefe

Leipzig, Germany - July 2006

Eine intelligente Suchmaschine für die Life Sciences: Transinsight's GoPubMed

read the full article


Bio Fischer im Netz

Dresden, Germany - May 2006

The Sächsische Zeitung has an article about Transinsight.

show scanned article


Biotech & Biologia Molecolare: News, Animazioni, Didattica e Community Google 'intelligente' per PubMed

Italy - April 2006

Google 'intelligente' per PubMed...

read the full article


Cordis Europe

April 2006

Cordis Europe has an article "The 'Intelligent Google'" about Transinsight's GoPubMed

read the article | read the article


Transinsight's GoPubMed at Heidelberger Innovationsforum

Dresden, Germany - March 2006

Die 42 besten Geschäftsideen aus der deutschen IT Forschung - Transinsight's GoPubmed at Heidelberger Innovationsforum


Michael R. Alvers Interview

Berlin, Germany - February 2006

VDI Nachrichten have a small interview wich Michael R. Alvers under the column "Über Geld spricht ..."

show article scan


Transinsight GmbH named "Leuchtturmprojekt"

Dresden, Germany - February 2006

TUD-Partner als "Leuchtturmprojekt des High-Tech Gründerfonds" ausgezeichnet

show the article


Nature review | Genetics

February 2006

Nature Logo

Transinsight's GoPubmed is mentioned amongst nine web-based applications for information retrieval for biological discovery - Literature mining for the biologist: from information retrieval to biological discovery.

read the article here


"Leuchtturmprojekt des High-Tech Gründerfonds"

Berlin, Germany - February 2006


The German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Technology Michael Glos named Transinsight GmbH as "Leuchtturmprojekt des High-Tech Gründerfonds"

read biosaxony article | show BMWI article


Sächsische Zeitung

Dresden, Germany - February 2006

The Sächsische Zeitung writes about the honors Transinsight GmbH revieved from the federal department of economy.

show article scan



Gaggneau, Germany - January 2006

Deal News - Aktuelle Dealmeldungen aus der deutschsprachigen Venture Capital- und Private Equity-Szene

read excerpt of article


Transinsight receives investment

London, United Kingdom - January 2006

Science Business reports about Transinsight receiving 500,000 € seed investment from German High-Tech Gründer Fonds.

read the full article


CatCap GmbH begleitet Transinsight GmbH

Bonn/Hamburg, Germany - January 2006

CatCap GmbH begleitet Transinsight GmbH bei Seedfinanzierung durch High-Tech Gründerfonds und Vermittlung eines Privatinvestors.

press release


Mining biotech's data mother lode

Brussels, Belgium - December 2005

EU-sponsored project has developed a suite of tools that will enable biotech companies to mine through vast quantities of data

read the full article


Fehlende Tools behindern die produktive Ontologie-Nutzung

Leinfelden-Echterdinge, Germany - October 2005 - Fehlende Tools behindern die produktive Ontologie-Nutzung ... Erste Ansätze für Werkzeuge, die medizinische Begriffe auf unterschiedlichen Ebenen abbilden hat die Berliner Transinsight vorgestellt...

read the full article