Like the Human Brain

20 July 2012

Thanks to accumulating mountains of scientific data, researchers are increasingly missing the forest for the trees and becoming desperate when trying to find specific information. But there is hope for those who trawl through biomedical literature and databases....

Statoil chooses IGMAS+ for interactive 3D gravity and magnetic modeling

08 May 2012

Today Transinsight announces a five year licensing agreement with Statoil for IGMAS+ (Interactive Geophysical Modeling Assistant), Transinsight’s software for interactive hybrid full tensor gravity (FTG) and magnetic modeling. IGMAS+ easily integrates constraining data into interactive modeling processes by visualizing and combining geodata with density/susceptibility models....

GeneCloud – semantic high performance cloud computing software for the Life Sciences

01 March 2011

Heute gab das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi) die 12 Gewinner des Trusted Cloud Forschungsprogramm 2011 auf der CeBIT in Hannover bekannt. Trusted Cloud fördert die Entwicklung von sicheren Cloud-Computing-Services. Insgesamt 116 Vorschläge wurden zum 100 Mio.-Euro-Programm eingereicht. GeneCloud, ein Projekt von Transinsight, der...

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